The days of a business being open 9-5 Monday to Saturday are long gone; customers now expect to buy from you whenever they feel the urge: 24 x 7, 365 days a year. If you can't accommodate a buyer when they want to spend, you can be confident your competitor will.


E-commerce website designing is an integration of different technologies available. At Protocolztech some of the popular technologies are:
ASP-MS Access
Cold fusion
Flash-Flash Action Script

Several other advanced custom database integrated technologies are available to design website for ecommerce companies. Each must be carefully evaluated for specific processing capabilities. Protocolztech will develop and deploy a custom e-Commerce strategy that enables you to connect to your customers 24 hours a day.

Ecommerce shopping cart software is used to enable you to sell your products to your target market worldwide with ease and simplicity of use that will surely satisfy your buyers and yourself as well. This can either be utilized as an independent piece or as a part of an ecommerce website development package. If you already have an existing ecommerce site, you can opt for the independent piece of software, since you only have to integrate this to your own site. However, if you are just starting your website, you are better off with the ecommerce shopping cart software that is included as a feature in the ecommerce web creation package.

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